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We all know that Lindsay Lohan hasn’t had the most obstacle-free journey over the course of her life. Starting from the time she was famous as a child star till now, as an adult, Lohan has made tabloid headlines for a variety of reasons. Right now, though, she finally looks healthy and happy, and that makes us so happy for her.

Looking at a recent selfie she posted to her Instagram account, you can see that Lohan looks truly at ease and appears to be in good physical health. She has that sparkle back in her eyes and her whole face just looks refreshed and awake.

Just look at that healthy glow and genuine smile!

(Also – where can we get that crocheted top?!)

While we don’t know what it’s like to be a celebrity, we do know how hard it is to go through life struggles. And from what we know, Lohan has overcome a lot of obstacles in recent years. Having the public eye on you while you go through life experiences and explore adulthood can’t be easy, especially when people may be magnifying your mistakes or tough situations. That’s why it’s so nice to see a picture of Lohan where she appears comfortable, safe, and healthy.

We hope this is another step toward a positive, healthy path for you, Lindsay!