Toria Sheffield
Updated Dec 31, 2016 @ 8:06 am
Credit: Lindsay Lohan /

We absolutely LOVE a comeback story. And that’s kind of been the definition of Lindsay Lohan’s life this year. Her Insta pics from Dubai from the last few days have been showing a healthy, happy, and reflective version of the actress.

The star reportedly debated whether or not to come home for the holidays this year or remain abroad (potentially to do more work with refugees), and we learned from a Christmas Day post that she spent the day by herself — largely thinking about life.

And the former Mean Girls star has just graced us with a few more Insta pics that seem to show she’s been having a pretty marvelous few days. And honestly, after the last few years she’s had, we’re so glad to see her this happy.

Take a look.

Okay, this looks SO nice! A bike ride down a sunny path on a beautiful morning with friends? Sign us up! There’s also this gem of Lindsay trying to get to these awesome water swings (which we’ve never seen before and seriously are obsessed with):

We love seeing this girl smile! Plus, she’s also been sharing words of wisdom, and we’re really down with this:

Okay, one more for the road.

We’re wishing Lindsay a healthy and happy New Year, and we hope she continues to show the amazing generosity and badassary we’ve been seeing from her lately.

Because girl, it looks GOOD on you!