Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Leave it to the wonderful Lin-Manuel Miranda to help heal our hearts during a trying time. The Hamilton star created new excitement around American history thanks to his mega-hit Broadway show. So it only seems natural that he would be super invested in current American politics.

The positivity Lin-Manuel Miranda managed to keep throughout the election last night is giving us life.

The performer had been open about his dislike for Donald Trump throughout the campaign, most notably when he hosted Saturday Night Live.

Between maintaining a positive outlook and continuing to keep perspective on the situation, the entertainer was a breath of fresh air throughout the entire night.

As it became more of a reality that Trump could be elected, he began to process the news like so many others.

Obviously disappointed by the outcome, he continued to be thoughtful and positive in his tweets to his followers and fans.

He also made it clear that the outcome of the election, though disappointing for him, wouldn’t affect his love for this country or his support for equality.

And while we love that he kept an optimistic perspective throughout the night, it was his inspiration in the morning that really made us feel grateful for him.

He even left us with delightful Hamilton news that can make us truly excited about the future.

Thank you, Lin-Manuel Miranda, for speaking directly to our souls when we need it most.