Madison Vanderberg
November 10, 2017 1:50 pm

There has been a Finn Wolfhard vs. fan saga going down on Twitter this week. The story goes that a fan approached the Stranger Things actor and asked for a photo, Wolfhard politely declined, and then the fan went off on Twitter, calling Wolfhard “heartless” and “rude.” Wolfhard has received a lot of support from celebs and fans alike, and one supporter, in particular, is another newly famous TV actress, Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart. Reinhart jumped to Wolfhard’s defense when she heard what happened, and it makes sense, they have a lot in common in that they both rocketed to fame at a young age because of TV shows that became way more popular than expected.

“My heart definitely goes out to the Stranger Things cast,” the actress told Elle. “I think it’s sickening and disgusting to see someone calling out poor Finn, who’s just this young actor, calling him out for being rude because he’s not stopping. He’s an actor, but he never asked you to take time out of your day to wait for him and his autograph and for a picture with him.”

She added that this is something she grapples with herself on the daily:

Wolfhard’s fellow Stranger Things castmate Shannon Purser also jumped to his defense, as did Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones, who said, “we as actors are so appreciative of our fans, but there comes a point where, if we’ve been working all day, we don’t owe 100 percent of ourselves to anyone, and that shouldn’t be expected.”

While we understand that super fans may love and appreciate a certain show, the people on the shows are humans just like anybody else. Celebrities are not caged animals, they do not owe anyone a selfie whenever it is demanded of them, so it is totally fair for a 14-year-old boy like Wolfhard to deny one fan request.