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In the edited world of social media, Lili Reinhart is real. The actress, writer, and producer gives her 21.8 million Instagram followers a refreshing dose of reality each time she posts a photo, and she oozes relatability to her three million Twitter followers each time she types out a bite-sized thought. These thoughts are often about ordinary things like snacking or napping, but she also acknowledges important issues like mental health and body image. Paired with her talent, Reinhart’s authenticity part of what has made her so successful just three years into her career.

Although the 23-year-old first made a name for herself as Betty Cooper on Riverdale, she has quickly made splashes in other, larger arenas where a tight, high ponytail isn’t involved—aka, starring in Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez and recently being named the newest COVERGIRL ambassador, a coveted title that has been held by Zendaya, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift, to name a few.

Lili Reinhart CoverGirl Clean Fresh Collection
Credit: Stefanie Keenan, Getty Images

But with mega-stardom comes the pressure to be a role model, which Reinhart doesn’t take lightly.

Reinhart’s influence has been overwhelmingly positive. She’s shown vulnerability, opening up about struggles with body image, anxiety, depression, and OCD, all the while encouraging others to do the same. When it comes to social media, Reinhart strongly believes in the power of camaraderie.

On the flip side of sharing insecurities, Reinhart touts confidence as extremely important, but she’s open about having off days. She doesn’t shy away from bad days—she allows herself the opportunity to lean into her emotions.

When she does have off days, Reinhart focuses on surrounding herself with people who lift her up and accept her for who she is. She also recommends taking breaks from social media during low moments.

Reinhart seems to be as real as celebs come, and this natural authenticity played into her decision to do her own makeup for the COVERGIRL campaign announcement photo, something the brand has never seen before.

As for her personal style when it comes to makeup, Reinhart likes to keep it simple.

Her three non-negotiable daily beauty products are lip balm (“I’m cursed with constantly dry lips and apply lip balm in the middle of the night”), a brow pencil (“If I’m not wearing anything else, I have to fill in my brows”), and highlighter (COVERGIRL's Cooling Glow Stick is a fave.) Recently, Reinhart has ditched the powder and gotten into “emphasizing the glow” by putting highlighter on her cheekbones, the tip of her nose, and sometimes her inner eye. But above all, she focuses on emphasizing natural beauty.

Beauty itself is not ‘one size fits all.’

It’s this exact sentiment that draws millions of people to Lili Reinhart. She’s a walking example of embracing yourself, insecurities and all, and she encourages us to do the same—through makeup, social media, and in day-to-day life.