They could truly be twins!

Nicole Pomarico
Apr 09, 2021 @ 2:33 pm
Heidi Klum
Credit: Amy Sussman/KCA2021, Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Heidi Klum was Glamour Germany's first cover star, and now, her daughter is the magazine's latest. On Thursday, 16-year-old Leni Klum revealed her Glamour cover—which just so happens to be her first solo cover ever—and it's striking to see how much she looks like her supermodel mom.

Leni took to Instagram to post the cover, which is for the magazine's 20th anniversary.
"Thank you to everyone who made my first solo cover so special. It's an honor to share this with my mama @heidiklum who was Glamour Germany's first ever cover model," she wrote.

Leni then went on to share her mom's cover of the same magazine, which was shot exactly 20 years ago. And seeing Heidi then—when she was just 27 years old—really makes the resemblance between these two stand out. The hair, the eyes...this mother and daughter are seriously twins.

Heidi also took to Instagram to share Leni's cover and share how proud she is of her daughter, along with a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot. Heidi can be seen cheering Leni on as she poses for the photographer, and there's no doubt that watching that happen brought back memories for Heidi.

The video Heidi posted is kind of adorable. She and Leni seem to be having so much fun together on set, and that kiss on the cheek? Too cute.

Congrats to Leni on this exciting moment. She's already following in Heidi's impressive footsteps at 16, so who knows what else she's capable of?