12th Annual New York Television Festival - Creative Keynote: A Conversation With "Girls"
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Lena Dunham has been an outspoken voice for women, and she was a big supporter of Hillary Clinton throughout her campaign. Back in April, Lena Dunham said she’d move to Canada if Trump wins the presidency, and now that he has, people have called her on her promise. But of course, in classic Lena awesomeness, she reminded us all that she was only joking, because she would rather stay and get work done here. We definitely love that, and she’s not alone in her desire to fight back.

Check out Lena’s lovely post in response to those calling for her to move to Canada.

While we don’t blame Lena for her anger against some of these comments, what’s even more important is her response to it. Lena won’t run to another country, because she sees work to be done. She will clearly fight for change, and we love that she promises to protect those who can’t help themselves.

That’s a great book to reference, because it reminds us that we get to choose our response. And we choose to fight to make the world a better place.

We’ve had a long week, and we should all turn negativity into positivity, like Lena does.

We feel like we’ll need those words more than ever, so thanks Lena for inspiring us all to change things!