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Lena Dunham is apologizing yet again for another offensive statement or comment.

The creator and star of HBO’s Girls has apologized for having weighed in on a sexual assault case involving a Black actress and series writer Murray Miller.

Actress Aurora Perrineau — daughter of actor Harold Perrineau — went to police to accuse Miller of committing sexual assault in 2012. Perrineau reported the alleged rape to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department last week, according to The Wrap.

Dunham and her executive producer, Jenni Konner received, major backlash after releasing a statement Friday defending Miller, who “categorically and vehemently” denies the claims. Their statement praised women in Hollywood for speaking out against sexual assault and misconduct, but casted doubt of Perrineau’s claims:

The two women have been called out for the hypocrisy of their statement, and for daring to cast doubt on a victim’s testimony. Others also pointed out that Dunham, as can be the case with White feminists, was quick to push back against the claims from a Black woman.

Dunham’s discrediting of Perrineau is an example of how women of color who have made accusations of sexual assault are often contradicted and never believed (Lupita Nyong’o for example, was the only one of 79 actress that Harvey Weinstein contradicted when she came forward with her story of sexual misconduct).

Dunham took to Twitter on Saturday evening to apologize for the original statement:

But many have already been turned off by the original statement, including Zinzi Clemmons, a frequent contributor to Dunham and Konner’s newsletter, Lenny Letter.

“It is time for women of color–black women in particular–to divest from Lena Dunham,” Clemmons writes. false


Mainstream feminism is at play yet again, reminding us why #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen. Lena Dunham chose to believe the accused over a Black victim, yet again proving that her popular brand of feminism excludes women of color.