lena dunham
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Before the election happened, Lena Dunham said she was moving to Canada, as did a lot of other people. Since we like keeping the Girls star right here in America with us, we were kiiiinda hoping she was just saying that as a means of expressing some pre-election stress (hey, we feel you there, girl). And in a lengthy statement on Instagram, Lena Dunham said she’s not moving to Canada after all. PHEW.

In her statement, posted the day before Thanksgiving (a time when we’re all reflecting on what it means to be American and to live in America past, present, and future), Dunham made some extremely good points about just why she’s decided to not high-tail it over the northern border:

Hell yes, Lena! We’re with you. And we’re *very* glad you’re planning to stay with us too.