One of our favorite Gossip Girl gals, Leighton Meester, doesn’t talk about her daughter publicly for a reason we completely understand. Meester and husband Adam Brody are the proud parents of their 19-month-old daughter Arlo. But despite how much they adore her, Meester just isn’t into discussing her home life in public.

While chatting with Refinery29 about her new show Making History, she mentioned the reasoning behind why she doesn’t like talking about Arlo to the media.

Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for InStyle

She continued,

We totally get wanting to keep her work life separate from her home life, especially when the purpose of talking to the media is typically to discuss work.

And speaking of her work, in the Fox comedy Making History, Meester plays the daughter of Paul Revere. She meets a guy (Adam Pally) and is transported (via a duffel bag time machine) from the American Revolution time period to modern times (aka 2016).

Check out the trailer:

Alongside Meester and Pally, Yassir Lester also stars in the show, along with a slew of other hilarious cast members. Making History premiered on March 5th and airs on Fox on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. If you have yet to catch an episode, it’s definitely worth checking out.