Wei-Ning Yu
Updated July 22, 2017
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

If you don’t know who Lana Condor is, you will undoubtedly know her soon. Lana, who played Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse, just landed the starring role in the movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The teen romantic-comedy is based on best-selling author Jenny Han’s latest novel, which was en route to the silver screen only two months after it hit the shelves. (Talk about a fresh off the press, Hollywood!)

Yep, Lana Condor, who is all of 20-years-old, will melt your heart as Lara Jean Covey. She plays a romance novel buff whose life is upended when her secret love letters are unexpectedly delivered to her crushes.

The author of the novel, Jenny Han, shared the amazing casting news via Twitter.

In her post, she articulated a very important issue about Asian American representation in media (and we couldn’t agree more). false

Her messages drives at a far-reaching issue within the entertainment industry and the portrayals of people of color on screen.

Hollywood’s received incredible backlash as of late for casting white actors in Asian American roles. This form of “whitewashing” (like other forms of narrow-minded thinking) are totally unacceptable and should be called out for what it is. So, imagine our joy when we learned that an Asian American actress would star in the lead role (as it was written).

And, according to Jenny’s tweet, Lana will not be the only Asian American actress to have a substantial role in the film.

The movie will also star Janel Parrish, Anna Cathcart, and John Corbett as Lara’s sisters and father.

Can somebody say, “Hallelujah”?

Awesomeness Films and Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment are producing the film which is currently shooting in Vancouver, BC. false

And, because we are so thrilled with the smart producerial choices here, we also wanted to make sure and note that both the director and writer are also women. (So, yay! We are over the moon.) Now, if we can only sway the rest of Hollywood… We might start seeing real change on screen and in real life.