Gina Florio
Updated Dec 21, 2016 @ 6:08 pm

She’s one of the most singular fashionistas of our time, but Lady Gaga doesn’t accredit her famous looks all to herself. Every chance she gets, she praises Haus of Gaga for helping her achieve all her creative dreams. Haus of Gaga is the creative team responsible for her hairdos, outfits, and fashion choices, both on and off the stage. Apparently, it’s been nearly a decade since Lady Gaga and Haus of Gaga first started working together.

To show her gratitude and loyalty to Haus of Gaga, Lady Gaga got a new tattoo on her arm, right above the mouse tattoo she got scripted on her arm as tribute to her sister. It’s etched in purple ink, and it simply says “Haus.”

Credit: ladygaga / Snapchat

Lady Gaga has a unique relationship with this creative team. It’s not just a group of people who send her outfit ideas that she chooses to use or not use. Haus of Gaga is a secret crew that’s been handpicked by Lady Gaga herself, and she personally handles the team. In an interview with MTV, Lady Gaga said Haus of Gaga is more important to her than employees — they’re her closest friends and allies.

They’re a tight-knit family that creates incredible art together, and Lady Gaga wouldn’t trade them for the world. “No one gets it,” she says. “They’re my best friends.” Getting “Haus” inked on her arm was a simple way to show her love for the team she’s been faithfully working with.

Credit: ladygaga / Snapchat

While people may not fully understand the relationship between Lady Gaga and Haus of Gaga, we sure can appreciate the work they do at the intersection of performance art and fashion. We’re on the edge of our seats to see what kind of outfits they’ve got up their sleeves.