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Updated Jul 30, 2017 @ 10:40 am
Credit: Lady Gaga /

It’s been a tough few years for Kesha. She’s been wrapped up in a tense legal battle with producer Dr. Luke. Despite her lawsuits, the singer is finally making new music! But even then, Kesha still had to get permission from Dr. Luke to release new music. So sad.

Now, there’s a new development in the case. For some reason, Dr. Luke wants Lady Gaga to tell her story in court. Luckily, the singer will not give in so easily and support him.

According to reports, Lady Gaga was subpoenaed by Dr. Luke in the lawsuit against Kesha because she has relevant information regarding the situation.

After news of the subpoena hit, Gaga’s team released a statement.

Sounds like things might not go Dr. Luke’s way.

Lady Gaga has been vocal in her support for Kesha since the news first broke about Dr. Luke.

In general, Gaga has been an incredible voice and strength for people who have experienced sexual assault in any form.

Kesha’s legal battles with Dr. Luke are ongoing. A few years ago, she opened a case against him for rape, emotional abuse, and drug abuse. Though she dropped the case against him in California, she is still suing him in New York. Dr. Luke has never admitted his part in any of the accusations.

As for Lady Gaga, we have high hopes that she will remain a staunch supporter of Kesha and all people who experience sexual abuse.