Karen Belz
October 20, 2017 12:38 pm

While on the road to recovery, Lady Gaga has been doing yoga and pilates to try and help her issues with chronic pain. Unfortunately, the singer has had to postpone many of her tour dates due to her battle with fibromyalgia, which causes widespread muscle pain as well as fatigue. Fibromyalgia typically affects women who are in the childbearing age range, but men can develop it as well. According to WebMD, lifestyle changes and stress reduction might help aid fibromyalgia, which may be why Gaga is so focused on revitalizing her workout routine.

In the shots, Gaga shows off a few fashionable workout pieces by Björn Borg, a sports fashion brand based out of Sweden. Because as everyone knows, when you’ve got clothes you love, you feel on top of the world.

We’re pretty impressed by her kicks, as documented in this fun Boomerang.

And, this seems like a move we’d want to try at home (with extreme supervision.)

Back in late September, Gaga told her fans that she was “Gettin’ stronger everyday,” which is incredible news.

Since she’s so great to her fans, we have a feeling that having to temporarily cancel tour dates due to chronic pain hit her hard. But she did the best thing by moving forward and focusing on her health. It’s difficult to risk disappointing fans, yet it’s crucial for Gaga to feel her absolute best while out on stage.

We’re glad that she’s keeping us updated on her health journey, and inspiring us to put on our best gear and get a healthy workout in when things seem a little out of our control.