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It was a bummer when news broke of Lady Gaga's split with long time boyfriend (and fiance!) Taylor Kinney. But, while the two definitely seemed perfect together, sometimes good things need to take a pause. Gaga doesn't view the relationship in a negative light, nor has she lost any feeling for Kinney — in fact, she's a little hesitant to even refer to him as her ex.

During an interview with Howard Stern to promote her new (amazing) album Joanne, Gaga was asked a few questions about the uncoupling. Stern asked her if she was dating anyone new, and Gaga said she wasn't, but still remained close to Kinney.

After asking if she was referring to her ex, Gaga had a mature response back.

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Gaga went into it a little bit more, saying that the two separated due to life changes. In her eyes, her and Kinney are currently focused on different things.

While we're secretly hoping for a reunion between the two, we're just happy that they're still on excellent terms.

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Also? We wish that we can handle breakups as well as Lady Gaga — her maturity, wisdom, and grace are definitely a breathe of fresh air. It's so great that no matter what, she appreciates Taylor Kinney as a person and a lifelong friend.