Toria Sheffield
Updated Oct 15, 2016 @ 7:15 pm
Credit: Presley Ann / Getty Images

Kylie Jenner has officially ascended the ranks from adorable little sis to certifiable style goddess this past year, dazzling us with her super ripped denim, her silver-blonde locks, and her forever perfect lip shades. For serious — this girl is officially in the fashion big leagues, and we don’t see her going anywhere any time soon.

So we don’t really know why we’re so surprised that she KILLED IT yet again in a long brown blazer, matching pants, and gold top. Like seriously, guys. Just take a look with your eyeballs:

STUNNING, RIGHT? The calf-length jacket? The purse? The shoes?

Who knew these individual pieces could look so awesome together? Like seriously — if we had seen this on the rack we’d probably have laughed and then burned it (but hey, we guess that’s what separates us from the fashion pros).

Let’s take a look from a different angle:

Still perfection. And it looks like the whole family was in on the neutral color-scheme that day:

Damn. Does anybody know where we can get a pinstriped duster with matching trousers ?! ANYONE?!

Credit: Comedy Central/

Okay, that’s cool. We’ll just satisfy ourselves with admiring from afar. Because Kylie is SLAYING IT, and we’re feeling some serious second-hand awesome about it.