Kylie Jenner is rocking a new short hairdo in her latest Instagram pic, and we are loving it! She posted her new ‘do in a topless, black-and-white portrait. The picture was taken by Sasha Samsonova. It takes a lot to make such a drastic hair change. This new style is very different from her waist-length black hair she has been sporting lately!

Though she’s been open about her darker, shorter, natural hair in recent weeks.

She’s gone short before, but never in a pixie style. And it reminds us of Kris Jenner’s signature short hairstyle.

Kris has rocked short hair for years, so maybe Kylie is adopting a part of her mom’s style.

The black and white photo makes the hairstyle even more stunning.

Kylie didn’t put a caption with the image, she only posted it with a butterfly and a black heart.

So we don’t know why the picture was taken. Was it part of a shoot for a product line? Or maybe she just wants to show off the new hair in an impromptu shoot? We’ll have to wait and see if there are any more black and white pictures that pop up.

But whatever the reason, it’s cool to see the young mogul experimenting with her hair and her style.

We can’t wait to more pictures with Kylie out and about with her pixie hairstyle. It seems like the perfect hair for dealing with hot summer weather.