Kylie Jenner plastic surgeon
Credit: Ray Tamarra / Getty Images

Is she, or isn’t she? There’s been a lot of internet sleuthing lately as to whether or not Kylie Jenner is pregnant. But one person we didn’t really expect to weigh in on the matter is Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgeon.

Despite all the speculation, Dr. Simon Ourian just offered a pretty compelling reason as to why Jenner might not be pregnant. Another surprise: the reason is to do with Kylie’s lip fillers.

If Kylie has lip fillers, it could mean that she’s not pregnant.

Apparently, such procedures aren’t meant to be performed on pregnant women.

Of course, we don’t really know Jenner’s lip filler schedule.

She could have stopped getting them months ago. But in recent Instagram posts, her lips still seem pretty full. Dr. Ourian’s recommendations definitely introduce an intriguing new theory. In this case, maybe the easiest solution is the answer.

What’s more is Jenner’s plastic surgeon said that he would never knowingly give lip injections to a pregnant patient. TBH, we never would’ve thought that lip fillers would have any impact on a pregnancy. So regardless of the ongoing Kylie baby mystery, this is good info to know!

Did Kylie’s plastic surgeon just solve the internet’s most pressing mystery? Guess we’ll find out…