Credit: Kylie Jenner/

Mondays are hard, ya’ll. But zoning out while perusing Kylie Jenner’s Instagram pictures somehow always makes things a little more bearable (sorry not sorry, world!).

Kylie can frequently be found on Insta sporting a super glamorous pout with her signature lip kits, experimenting with new hair colors, and — best of all — advertising projects for her favorite charities.

Basically — like all good Kardashians — Kylie is a social media queen, and we’re entirely here for it. And even though we know that there are way (WAY) more important things going on in the world right, sometimes we just need to take a break from it all and enjoy some good old-fashioned Insta filters.

So needless to say, we were thrilled to wake up to this today:


Is it us, or does Kylie look like she was born to wear a flower crown. Like, seriously, someone cast this girl as a Disney princess STAT.

And this is a rare treat, since those of us who follow her feed know that (unlike her sisters) she rarely posts with filters. Usually she sticks to classic awesome selfies, like these:

Basically, we’ll take more flower crowns (and deer eyes, and dog noses, and whatever else Instagram has to offer) anytime Kylie!