Caitlin Gallagher
November 06, 2017 12:43 pm

The Kardashian and Jenner clan will be adding to their ranks in unprecedented numbers if all the baby gossip is to be believed. Yet, Kylie Jenner posted a full body photo of herself on Snapchat to confuse all of us even more. And don’t worry — it’s guaranteed to make you question Khloé Kardashian’s pregnancy status as well.

On November 5th, Jenner called out the paparazzi on Twitter for photoshopping photos of her. The images she was referring to have since been taken down off of Twitter due to copyright law, but Jenner wrote:

Although she hasn’t confirmed or denied the news, Jenner has been rumored to be pregnant since September. And her tweet implied that some media outlets have been manipulating images of her to make it look like she is pregnant.

Then, after she tweeted that, Kylie went on to share a photo of her and Khloé on Snapchat where they look…not pregnant??

It’s almost impossible to tell since they are both in sweats. But as it’s the first full body image of Jenner that we’ve gotten in months, she most definitely posted it so that her fans would overanalyze every little detail.

Are they at the convenience store buying snacks to feed their pregnancy cravings? Are they buying caffeinated drinks because they AREN’T pregnant? Could they still have growing stomachs underneath those bulky sweatshirts? Will we ever know the truth??

Okay, we admittedly will know the truth eventually in a couple of months when no amount of sweatshirts will be able to conceal a baby bump. But Jenner’s Snap has people divided.

Jenner has teased us before about her potential pregnancy on social media, and she’s proving that she’s going to stay as mysterious as possible for as long as possible. But at least she’s keeping us entertained while we wait for the truth to come out.