A section of the internet is pretty sure that Kylie Jenner has already given birth

Unless you’ve recently tossed your electronic devices into the nearest body of water and purchased a house on Under-A-Rock Lane, you’re probably aware of the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors. Many believed confirmation would come by way of the Kardashian Christmas Card. But the 25 Days of Christmas are over, and, well… we’ve got nothin’.

In lieu of concrete facts, increasingly wild theories about the alleged Jenner offspring are sweeping the internet. The latest? Some think that Kylie delivered her baby already and is spending the early days of motherhood in hiding.

According to Marie Claire, this theory took off when old paparazzi images surfaced. These photos are from September, which happens to be the same month that pregnancy rumors about Kylie began in earnest.

Sure, it sounds wild. After all, Kylie makes her living by sharing her life with the public. Where are the sponsored Instagrams featuring maternity clothes and prenatal vitamins? The people have been waiting!

But, truthfully, Jenner has kept a (relatively) low-profile this fall. Her Instagram, normally rife with selfies, has mostly featured above-the-torso shots of Jenner in oversized clothing or pictures of the latest Kylie Cosmetics releases.

Is it really that hard to imagine that Kylie could quietly give birth without us noticing?


Plenty of people don’t think so. false

It would actually explain a lot.

Some are expecting a huge reveal sometime soon.


The possibilities are literally endless.

But not everyone is so convinced.

So, what’s the deal? Has Kylie been hiding out at home with a newborn? And will we ever get the deets?

Time will tell!


But one thing is certain — if Kylie ever does have a baby, it will come out of the womb wealthier than most humans will ever dream of being.

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