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Frances Bean Cobain is known for a lot of things. We first knew her as the only child of iconic Nirvana rocker and pioneer of grunge, Kurt Cobain, and his punk-grunge musician wife Courtney Love.

More recently, Frances Bean has been in the news for other reasons – her super cool (and spooky!) new tattoo made headlines, as did her appearance in a Burberry video ad with her rocker mom. She’s also made a name for herself as someone who can totally rock a Jimmy Eat World cover.

Now, the 24-year-old visual artist is opening up about the history of her name via Instagram – and her other almost-names are kind of hilarious.

“Frances” isn’t a particularly unusual name – though it tends to be a bit antiquated in an awesome and unique way, for someone who was born as late as 1992 – but Frances Bean’s middle name is sure to raise a few eyebrows for those unfamiliar with her name’s background. As many fans of Nirvana and/or Hole are aware, the popular story is that Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love gave their daughter her distinctive middle after Cobain noted that his then-unborn daughter looked like a kidney bean during an ultrasound.

Last Friday, Frances Bean shared a post via Instagram relating to her one-of-a-kind name.

The photo is of a page from a baby name book, specifically the page containing Cobain’s eventual given first name, Frances. There are also notes scribbled all over the page. The most noteworthy scribbling is one up top reading “I Kurt Cobain choose Frankie Beans.” At the bottom, there are a few unintelligible potential names written out, one of which appears to be “Kitty Cobain.” Cobain’s caption clarifies:

“Thank you mom and dad for not naming me Frankie beans or Kitty Cobain (fucking weirdos).”

LOL! We love Frances Bean’s sense of humor almost as much as we love her unique name, and we love seeing a glimpse into the late Kurt Cobain’s sense of humor as well. “Frankie Beans,” which sounds super similar (probably purposefully) to “frank ‘n beans,” is a pretty hilarious potential name. Kitty Cobain isn’t terrible, but certainly doesn’t fit with the persona Frances Bean has crafted for herself. We’re pretty glad that Love and Cobain chose “Frances Bean” for their daughter’s name instead.