Karen Belz
Updated Feb 08, 2017 @ 1:33 pm

Now we know what she does during breaks from Jessica Jones! It turns out that Krysten Ritter is really into knitting, and while we never would have guessed that it’d be her key hobby, we definitely adore the fact that it is. In an interview with People Style, Ritter got into her technique a bit more, and really dazzled her fans with her knowledge.

In fact, Ritter is such a pro, that she just released her own knitting kit with a company called We Are Knitters. If you buy it, you can work towards making an incredible looking infinity scarf.

It sounds like the perfect project to work on while binge-watching a few episodes of Ritter’s incredible comedy from year ago, Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23.

We also think that she should get some sort of mention for thinking up the hashtag of #krystenknitter.

Not only does she knit, but she also crochets. For example, here’s a top that she made.

Ritter is big into the idea of making her own clothes, and even mentioned it to People Style.

Seriously, if she wanted to create her own Etsy shop, her products would probably sell out in seconds. Not only are they cute, but you can tell that they’re definitely made with love.

Ritter definitely put her skills to good use during the Women’s March. She made seven “pussyhats” for her close friends who also chose to participate in the big event.

Ritter credited her grandmother for teaching her how to knit, but noted that she got truly into it thanks to Julia Roberts, who she hung out with on the set of the film Mona Lisa Smile.

Pretty cool.

If you want to get into knitting, Ritter is truly a good inspiration. Try out her scarf kit if you want to be both fashionable and comfy for next winter.