Food and Wine
Updated July 27, 2017 7:56 am

Kristen Wiig, perhaps best known for her hilarious sketches and improvizations of ridiculous characters—she’s a regular on Jimmy Fallon, where she’s pretended to be Michael Jordan, as well as a seasoned mixologist—is sharing her talents with Pizza Hut.

The chain, perhaps still reeling from being dethroned as America’s favorite pizza chain by Papa John’s, has Wiig, in costume as a mechanic, a gym rat, a corporate business woman, and ginger-haired teenager at prom, praising the chain’s new features.

Pizza Hut has vowed to hire 14,000 new drivers in 2017 alone (that’s 3,000 new drivers every month), in order to improve its delivery service. They’ve also got, according to the ad, a new mobile app that allows you to track your delivery.

The pizza chain has also pulled a few crowd-pleasing stunts to draw in customers: Last year they gave away pizza made with craft beer, and in March of this year, they launched 64 pairs of sneakers in honor of March Madness, with a button in the tongue that can order you pizza on the spot (it works, sort of). Hiring a bonafide movie star to help them sell pies might be their boldest move yet.

The ad may also help the chain re-establish its image as the place where the “Everyman” can get a pizza, an idea literally embodied by Wiig in the spots and what the company has named her entire campaign.

Seems like it’s all out war in the pizza chain world: Dominos has been rolling out some high-tech features this year in an effort to revitalize their brand, and they’ve had great success doing it.

If this battle between pizza chains has one benefit, it’s that we’ll hopefully get better service as they try to outdo each other. Unless, of course, you’d rather skep the delivery all together and just make your pizzas at home.