Jill Layton
Updated Mar 02, 2017 @ 2:43 pm

We’ve always admired the uniqueness of Kristen Stewart and the way she views the world. She’s a special soul, and we love her for it. But Stewart just explained her outlook on social media and texting, and we have to admit — it’s kind of hurting our brains.

Stewart is in the middle of promoting her new movie Personal Shopper,which is about a woman who has the ability to talk to ghosts — specifically, her dead brother. She’s obviously been thinking about some deep-level stuff, because in an interview with V Magazine, she compared text messages to shadows and projections.

And although her philosophy is a confusing one, there’s something about it that makes a lot of sense.

Ah, so maybe that’s why Stewart refuses to succumb to social media?

Okay, her viewpoint is actually pretty legit. We have full-blown conversations with our phones multiple times a day, and sometimes all day long. Sure, there might be a human on the receiving end of our messages, but we’re still sitting in a room communicating to our device.

Here’s the trailer for Personal Shopper so you can get an idea of where Stewart’s mind has been:

Personal Shopper will hit theaters on March 10th, and we’ll definitely be watching so we can get on the same page as Stewart.