Karen Belz
August 02, 2017 8:20 am

When you think of high-profile romances, Kristen Stewart might come to mind. But even though she’s dated a few notable celebrities, Stewart’s romantic life has been incredibly real. In September’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar U.K., Stewart made sure to note that she’s genuinely felt feelings of love and adoration for everyone she’s dated in the past, which is such a beautiful sentiment. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, but it’s not necessarily due to lack of love.

 Stewart is currently dating model Stella Maxwell, who she reportedly started dating at the end of 2016. Us Weekly reported that the couple moved in together this May.

Her most popular romance was with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. While it seemed like the two ended in somewhat of a rocky way, they seem to have moved past it. In fact, Pattinson once said that the hardest part about their relationship was dealing with follow-up questions from the media.

While Stewart seems incredibly happy, she did mention the fact that she’s pretty open with who she chooses to date. While she’s been seen with women, and came out during her monologue while hosting Saturday Night Live, Stewart noted that she’d be open to dating men again in the future. Obviously, it’s more about finding a person she has a connection with.


No matter who Kristen Stewart falls for, it’s nice to know that it’s not for show. Instead, it’s based on a true, pure feeling of love.