Karen Belz
Updated Aug 11, 2017 @ 10:47 am

Even if you’re not in the spotlight, breaking up is difficult. That’s why we’re kind of glad that Kristen Bell weighed in on Chris Pratt’s separation with wife Anna Faris, because if there’s anyone who knows something about maintaining a celebrity relationship, it’s Kristen Bell.

Bell has been married to husband Dax Shepard since 2013, and has been nothing but open about the amount of work it takes to maintain their healthy and fun relationship. Parents to two kids, Delta and Lincoln, we can imagine it’s hard to balance parenthood, marriage, and two very successful careers.

As far as advice goes, Bell acknowledged the many fans who were heartbroken after hearing the news.

She even advised on what she’d do if she was in a similar situation (which we hope never happens.)

She makes an excellent point. Even though Pratt and Faris won’t be a couple moving forward, they had eight years together and will still co-parent their beautiful son.

And, from the sound of it, the two are still incredibly supportive of each other.

Pratt and Faris announced they were splitting up through social media.

We can imagine that they’re both going through a lot of pain and sadness at the moment, and we hope that Bell’s empathetic words help them realize that no matter what, their true fans and friends will stand behind them.