Credit: Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images

For what feels like ages now, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been our #RelationshipGoals. Seriously, how cute are they? Hint: very, very cute. We’ve also been *so* curious about their little ones, especially since Bell and Shepard keep their kids lives pretty private. And like, can you blame them? We totally dig their respect for their kids, Delta, 22 months, and Lincoln, 3.

Recently, though, Bell chatted about her flawless family with PEOPLE at the Seventh Annual Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic in Pacific Palisades, California. She offered up the inside scoop on her little ones, saying they’re actually so different. She explained,

So far, Bell says, they haven’t done anything too out of the ordinary. Bell joked,

The couple is already passing down family treasures to their little ones. Bell explained that reading is huge for the family, saying,

But Bell and Shepard don’t let having young kids take away from their relationship with each other. Things are stable all around, she explained. Bell said,

So maybe love is real, you guys, because this is so, so sweet. Ugh, is #FamilyGoals a thing? If not, we need to make it one, because this is one family we wish we could be a part of.