Karen Belz
Updated Nov 01, 2017 @ 12:15 pm

We saw her dress up as Frozen’s Elsa for her big Halloween events with her daughters, but Kristen Bell chose a Magnum P.I. costume for her Halloween day appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And we’ve got a feeling that Tom Selleck would approve.

There was something about Bell’s appearance on the show that was intriguing — Jimmy Kimmel was absent. Instead, the show was guest-hosted by Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl, who had his own genius costume. While he didn’t choose to dress up like Kimmel, he did think it’d be a good idea to resemble a slightly more recognizable host of late-night television — David Letterman.

It’s a bit strange for Kimmel to be out, especially since he’s become well-known for airing his “I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy” segment. Thankfully, Grohl did a good job introducing the segment without him.

As for Bell, her costume included a mustache and chest hair.

She said that this wasn’t the first time she’s worn a fake mustache before — she wore a Burt Reynolds costume for a friend’s Boogie Nights-themed party back in the day.

As for the application, it seems sort of painful — but it proves that Bell is committed to the costume.

Credit: ABC / www.youtube.com

Bell also committed to the costume by stuffing her pants, which Grohl reminded her “not all” guys do.

Unfortunately, the costume didn’t last long. Bell admitted that it was just for the show, and that she’d be ripping out the Selleck-inspired chest hair right after filming. Which is kind of a shame. But the good news is, she was able to “jam” with Grohl in costume before the end of her segment.

At least Bell got a brief break from being Elsa this year.