This couple would totally win the “most hilarious fight” award…if it was a real award. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are currently at war over a chair, and we love it.

Married couples get into a lot of interesting situations. They fight about who was supposed to close the cabinets or wash the dishes. There are tiffs about doing laundry and cooking dinner. Basically, fights are totally inevitable.

Celebrity couples are NOT immune to these little fights and wars. Bell and Shepard just proved that with their hilarious chair battle. Yes, we said chair battle.

Last week, the Frozen actress revealed what started it all…a La-Z-Boy chair. Not just any chair, however. This one came straight from Shepard’s office. The issue: It’s right in the middle of the living room, and someone — cough, Dax, cough — won’t move it.

Of course, there are two sides to every story. The Parenthood alum shared his own photo, and his own tale about the chair incident.

We seriously can’t stop laughing at this funny, kind of, sort of, battle.

A few days later, the happy couple revealed they are still at odds when it comes to this eyesore.

“Guess what’s still squatting in the middle of my living room? @daxshepard’s self proclaimed throne. The #2017lazyboydebate continues. #TheDecision2017,” Bell wrote on a new picture.

The newest photo from The Good Place actress proves she isn’t getting rid of the recliner anytime soon. Sadly, her view of the TV has been interrupted as a result.

“This is now my view when watching television at night,” Bell wrote on Friday. “You can see how excited I am. #2017lazyboydebate.”

Who do you think will win this dispute? Will the chair stay or go?