Kris Jenner talks to The Hollywood Reporter about online trolls
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/ Getty Images

Given the frankly frightening devotion of internet trolls, we’re sure Kris Jenner has a lot to contend with in her online life. Anybody who has ever done anything at all publicly knows that the denizens of the worldwide web are only too eager to engage in a fight with a total stranger over absolutely nothing, so we can imagine doing things publicly on the level that the Jenner and Kardashian clan do would invite a whole new world of trolling. Luckily, Kris Jenner prepped her family for such a situation when they decided to take on the reality show biz, which she discussed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

We think that’s definitely a healthy perspective to have, although we imagine it’s hard to maintain. On the upside, in her experience, Kris Jenner has found that people’s motivation for shouting into the Twitter void is often much more benign than it seems — most people are simply looking for attention.

This also kind of emphasizes how many of the Kardashian haters secretly love the Kardashians.

We’re not going to start trolling but, like, Kris — are you hiring? Asking for a friend.