Even if you’re living your life in front of a camera, there are still a few things you’d want to keep sacred. And during an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Kris Jenner admitted she worries about her grandkids based on the focus around her famous family. Namely, bullying. For some, being in the public eye will just lead to ridicule.

According to Jenner, daughter Kim Kardashian definitely developed “thick skin” for the criticism she’s received since her reality show hit televisions everywhere.

Kim, however, knew what she’d be signing up for. For the Kardashian and Jenner grandkids, it might be a bit tougher — and that’s what Jenner is mostly worried about.

Jenner currently has six grandkids, and they’ve already grown up with cameras around.

Jenner mentioned that she made a point for her reality shows to show everything — both the good and the bad. So, what’s her best advice? To stay off the internet.

Solid advice. While Kris Jenner’s grandkids might very well be targeted as they grow up, at least they have the solid support of family members who understand what it’s like. When you put yourself out there, sometimes you just have to ignore the overflow of judgment that may follow.