Johnni Macke
January 31, 2017 12:19 pm
Barry King/Getty Images

You never forget your first time, and Kit surely didn’t. British actor Kit Harington reveals that he might’ve lost his virginity too young and it’s definitely something we weren’t expecting to hear.

In an interview with Elle, Harington got very real about the subject of one’s virginity and his revelation is actually more honest and open than you might’ve guessed.

Over the past six seasons of Game of Thrones, fans have gotten used to sex being on the table at all times, but off screen, things are a little more taboo to talk about. Despite keeping his personal life quiet most of the time, the GOT star finally shared a few intimate secrets.

When talking about Harington’s most famous sex scene — you know when Jon Snow lost his virginity in the cave — the actor shared his own first-time memory.

Spoiler alert: it didn’t happen in a cave!

“Mine was a little less left-field than in a cave,” Harington told Elle. “It was a typical sort of teenage thing, at a party. I was probably too young.”

The reporter asked if too young meant like 13 years old, and the 30-year-old actor didn’t exactly say yes, but he hinted it was close to that number.

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Harington also opened up about why he got into acting, saying part of it might’ve been to meet women, and again his answer is awesome.

That serious studying in regards to acting is what helped him land the role of Jon Snow, and for that we are forever grateful.

Before wrapping up the interview, the London native talked about his next dream role, although we really wish he could be Jon Snow forever.


“Like every actor, you get notorious for maybe one role and then get offered a lot of similar roles. Jon is a hero; he’s a good person, he’s a moral person — a somewhat solemn person — so I get a lot of those surly heroic roles. I’ve learned to try to avoid those now,” Harington told the publication.

“Otherwise I’m just going to go insane. I’d like to do comedy, but I don’t want to do romantic comedy,” he continued. “I’m not a romantic comedy guy. But I’d like to play someone really f**ked up. People who are right on the edge.”

A crazy, twisted, sexy Jon Snow-ish guy? We could get into that.