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We may be getting a chance to see more of the talented Kit Harington in the near future, and not just as the beloved Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. The Emmy-nominated actor is apparently interested in starring in an upcoming BBC miniseries about Guy Fawkes and we could not be more excited about the possibility. According to Variety, Harington has been in serious talks about playing a lead in the project (which would be amazing).

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The current project title is Gunpowder and the story would follow the foiled “Gunpowder Plot” that led to Guy Fawkes’ public death.

If you’re not already familiar with the details of the Guy Fawkes or the Gunpowder Plot, you’re about to learn some serious British history. That is, of course, assuming the talks with Harington lead to a commitment from the actor to be a part of the show.

Fawkes’ story has become legendary in English history. Shortly after his death, people began celebrating Guy Fawkes night, and his face is the mask worn by the character V inV for Vendetta.

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But Harington’s interest in the series comes from more than just fascination with the historical character.

He is a descendent of one of the other famous men involved, Robert Catesby, who actually devised the plot (instead of his more famous counterpart).

It’s natural to speculate that a superstar like Harington would take the lead role of Fawkes, but his family connection could mean that we see him as Catesby, the lesser-known brains behind the operation.

The phrase “Remember, remember the 5th of November” comes from folklore about the Gunpowder Plot.