Rachel Paige
August 09, 2016 12:31 pm

What are you guys doing during the long and dark Game of Thrones hiatus? The show will return ~sometime~ next summer, meaning that we’ve got just about a year to re-binge watch the entire, or read (/re-read) the entire Song of Ice and Fire Saga. Maybe even take up a new non-Game of Thrones hobby, like knitting, or landscape painting, or deep sea diving, or something else cool like that.

What’s Kit Harington doing during his Game of Thrones hiatus? None of the above. Instead, he has taken to driving fast cars, and also reciting William Blake poetry. It’s a very interesting choice for the King of the North.

Yes, this is all part of a car commercial, and suddenly do you feel like you should go buy a new car, specifically this red Infiniti? Kit Harington, not included, unless you really want to shell out the big bucks and upgrade.

The poem he’s reciting is The Tyger, and it’s from a larger collection of stories called, “The Song of Experience,” and this probably isn’t a Game of Thrones Season 7 clue…

…but IDK, it does include lines like, “On what wings dare he aspire? / What the hand, dare seize the fire?” FIRE, like DANY? And also, THE HAND of the King? WINGS like DRAGONS? Guys, we might be on to something here.

Or, Jon Snow is literally just trying to sell us a car. Either way, we’re into this. Check out the second commercial below, which is just Harington searching deep inside his soul for emotions. Spoiler alert: He almost smiles.