SKIMS claims it was a glitch in the upload process.

Hedy Phillips
Jun 08, 2021 @ 10:45 am

Update, June 10th, 2021: It turns out Kim Kardashian *didn't* edit her waist in the questionable SKIMS ad after all. According to Page Six, the ad had a glitch when it was uploaded to air, which caused what appeared to be an editing fail. The ad in question has now been pulled from the air and was replaced with a correct version that doesn't have any editing issues.

A source told Page Six that Kardashian actually requested there be no editing to her waist at all, emphasizing that the weird finger bend was completely a glitch in the upload process. We'll take this explanation at face value, because we know how tricky technology can be.

Original post, June 8th, 2021: Listen. The Kardashians and Jenners are no strangers to Photoshop mishaps. The famous family has been called out numerous times, and it's honestly a little bit funny at this point. We know editing is a part of the photography and videography process in almost all cases, but sometimes it goes a little too far. In the latest editing fail, Kim Kardashian is in the hot seat for a new SKIMS video.

TikTokers started blowing up this ad spot over the weekend, showing off the clear distortion in the finished product. The ad has since been removed from YouTube but can still be seen in the below TikTok.

Kardashian looks airbrushed to perfection while sprawled out in her SKIMS, but when she runs a finger up the side of her body, there's a little issue at her waistline. Her finger seemingly turns into goo as it slithers up her body.

Kim...your finger shouldn't be able to do that!

TikTok was seemingly the first to spot this ad, and they have so, so many thoughts. We haven't actually seen it on Kardashian's channels or on TV at all at this point. Everyone mostly just wants to know why this is happening. The editing fail is pretty easy to spot, so how did this make it to the final product? This TikTok seems to be the most viewed criticism of the ad, calling out the way Kardashian's finger distorts.

We're disappointed but not surprised that there's yet another editing fail in one of this family's advertisements. One commenter on the above TikTok video said it well: "editing fail after editing fail.. you'd think they'd do better or stop editing for no reason but no."

Seriously, Kim, your waist looks fine in its natural don't need to nip it in even more. People are already buying SKIMS products without all this extra hubbub!

Kardashian hasn't addressed this editing fail, whether to defend it or debunk it (which she has in the past), so for now we'll just sigh deeply and move on.