Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 09, 2017 @ 6:01 pm

Those of us with younger sibling likely remember our closets getting raided over and over (AND OVER!) by our nearest and dearest (cough, the little brats).

Turns out Kim Kardashian knows the feeling, because she posted the best high school throwback birthday card from her sister Khloé.

Get ready, because this will take you right back to that moment when you caught your sister wearing your favorite sequined halter top, or your Doc Martens, or even your makeup…and usually all at the same time. Even if you don’t have a sibling, you probably had a friend who would do this exact same thing. Without permission (of course).

Okay, these are some of the most endearing words we’ve ever heard: “I know you get so mad at me when I borrow your clothes. But I will try to stop.” Kim and Khloé are only four years apart, so this whole “sharing” thing undoubtedly happened all. the. time.

via giphyBut actually, as infuriating as it is to catch someone wearing your clothes (or find out about it later), it’s kinda one of the signs of a sibling/friendship bond. It’s a compliment, really; they like your stuff enough to sneak in and swoop on it!

Kim and Khloé are definitely one of our fave celeb siblings, and we love how they support each other. While Kim had a pretty rough 2016 (her hubby Kanye was hospitalized and she was robbed at gunpoint), Khloé wrote on her app that her sister is doing well. “Time does heal and I think she’s in a much better place now. So I just want her to focus on her family and her own happiness this year.” That’s what we want for her, too.

Yay for siblings! The good things…and the annoying stuff. It’s all part of the package.