Kenya Foy
Updated Mar 01, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

Keeping tabs on the fab lives of our favorite celebrity babies is tough work, but somebody’s gotta do the job, so let’s get to it. Among our most recent discoveries are these absolutely precious selfies of baby Saint West that Kim Kardashian shared on Twitter. After a thorough perusal of other ridiculously adorable Saint photos from the past (and only) year of his life, we’ve determined that he literally couldn’t be any cuter.

Trust us when we say our files on North West’s sweet-faced little brother run deep (well as deep as they can for a 1-year-old), and an experienced, keen eye allows us to detect any slight increase in the levels of cuteness. That said, this photo right here sets the bar pretty high. Honestly, we don’t know how Saint is gonna outdo himself.

Wait — do our eyes deceive us or does that caption read “a few months ago”? That requires an immediate retraction of our previous statement, because here’s yet another recent pic from Kardashian’s Twitter reel in which Saint is, actually cuter. We’re working on figuring out how this is possible, but for the time being, have a look for yourself:

And there’s another photo in this Instagram post that shows baby Saint apparently feeling all better, smiling and completely melting our hearts in the process.

Alright, everyone. We have to get back on our keeping up with baby Saint grind (it’s a 24/7 job), especially now that we’ve discovered that something’s a little wonky with our cuteness measuring tool.

There’s no doubt that this kid and his selfies will continue to keep our workloads overflowing in the years to come.