Trilby Beresford
Updated August 19, 2016
Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Whenever someone’s on vacation and we’re not, it’s hard not to feel just a teensy bit jealous. Soooooo Kim Kardashian is currently having the time of her life in Mexico, and looking super awesome hitting the water on a jet ski with her buddy Jasmine Sanders. And UGH we’re not there!

Luckily she took to Snapchat to document her amazing adventures, so at least it sort of feels like we’re a part of the fun (kinda?).

Check it out!

Okay, jet skis are actually kind of hard to drive (we know from experience, sadly). But Kim is killin’ it!

“Tell me who can twerk and jet ski at the same time!”

Look at these daredevils GO!”

They even (kinda) coordinated their outfits!

And it wouldn’t be a true Kim Kardashian experience if she didn’t grace us with a booty shot. Hey, Kim, you’re letting loose on a boat with friends — YOU DO YOU, GIRL!

Even though we missed out on Kim’s super fun vacay, we’re more than happy to live vicariously through her, forever and always. And hey, maybe we’ll even snag an invite next time (in our dreams, that is). Thank the heavens for Snapchat!