Talk about a solid payday. Kim Kardashian’s new perfume made $10 million in just one day, and here’s the kicker — nobody’s actually smelled it yet. While we doubt that Kardashian would release a scent that’s less than ideal, there aren’t a lot of scents out there that universally please everyone. Kardashian just managed to be such an influential reality star that people had to jump on board.

Something that inspired her while creating this perfume line was, according to TMZ, her frightening robbery in Paris last year. The site reported that she depended on healing crystals to help calm her, which is why the perfume bottle is designed to look like a crystal.

The line consists of three perfumes that have one thing in common — a “Gardenia” theme. Called Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud and Crystal Gardenia Citrus, they launched on November 15th in limited quantities. Crystal Gardenia is the “signature scent,” and it’s selling for $60 for 75mL, or $35 for a smaller 30mL package.

While nobody has been able to smell them just yet, fans can at least know what to expect. Crystal Gardenia will have top notes of water lily, timeless gardenia, velvet tuberose, and tiara flower. The Citrus version will smell like sparkling citrus (of course) and as the KKW Fragrance Instagram notes, will capture “all stages of a flower.” Crystal Gardenia Oud will probably be a bit more romantic, as its top notes include jasmine, lavender, and red rose.

Kardashian also made sure to note that she wanted her fragrances to be more than just a standard celebrity fragrance, thus she put a lot of time into their production.

All in all, projected sales of the fragrances are expected to hit $14 million — and as of right now, only a few bottles are left. So, that’s something for her to celebrate.