Alim Kheraj
Updated Jul 21, 2016 @ 5:09 am
Credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

It wasn’t that long ago that the whole world was consumed by the emergence of social media, and in particular MySpace. If you were anything like us, you would spend hours and hours working on your page, learning HTML to create custom themes, change colors, and embed your favourite song.


The other thing that MySpace created was a whole bunch of drama around who should be in your Top 8, the definitive list of friends who mattered the most to you at any given time. Of course, if there was drama IRL then you’d have to head home immediately, fire up your desktop computer (we had a Dell), load up Internet Explorer, and start swapping out friends (probably while listening to Ashlee Simpson).

Credit: Geffen Records

What’s heartening to see is that, just like us, Kim Kardashian was also a fan of MySpace and the dreaded Top 8.

While the profile emerged last year, Kim decided to acknowledge its existence by uploading it to her app (which, by the way, also features loads of cool makeup tips and styling advice).

But who exactly was in Kim Kardashian’s Top 8?

Credit: Kim Kardashian/MySpace

We’re a tiny bit surprised not to Khloe here, but then maybe she didn’t have MySpace.

Anyway, we’re pretty sure that Kim’s Top 8 would look a little different now. Obviously, Kanye would be there, but we also bet that her mother Kris Jenner and probably her two younger sisters Kendall and Kylie would on there, too. Perhaps there’d even be space for Caitlyn?

Somehow, however, we doubt Taylor Swift would make the list…