Toria Sheffield
January 13, 2017 11:06 am
Alexandra Make Up /

Kim Kardashian has been slowly but surely returning to life in the public eye. And, to be honest, we’re pretty thrilled — because we love us some Kimmy and we love keeping up with those Kardashians (sorry not sorry). So we were stoked to hear that Kim made her first public appearance since the Paris robbery to assist her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic conduct a masterclass in makeup application in Dubai.

The class featured a crowd of makeup artists and beauty junkies in a room so large that Kim’s face had to be projected onto a large monitor so that everyone could see the process clearly. Devidanovic was teaching the crowd how he achieves Kim’s signature look — aka flawless skin, strong eyebrows, and a ton of contouring.

Kim started off the session by saying, “I’m so excited to be here,” and then joked, “Let’s hope Mario does a good job.”

She also went on to joke, “There’s no makeup on [me.] Hurry. Hurry!

We are LOVING this transformation (even though let’s be real, Kim looked flawless without makeup as well).

And the makeup artists in attendance seemed to truly love the class as well.

We genuinely are so glad to see Kim out and about, living her life and seeming to be in good spirits.

No matter how you feel about the Kardashian clan (and believe us, we know feelings are mixed) you have to admit that Kim has been through a lot in recent months. Being held up at gun point and then staying strong for husband Kanye while he dealt with his own scary issues could not have been easy.

Wishing Kim all the best in the New Year. Oh, and loving your look girl (as always)!

H/T People