Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 01, 2016 @ 11:10 am

In absolutely ADORABLE news that’ll totally kick your Monday off on a positive start, Kim Kardashian just shared a Snapchat of baby Saint as a bee, and we basically can’t stop fawning over the sweetie’s total preciousness.

Like, seriously, does it get *any* cuter than that? But it isn’t hard to make a totally beautiful baby like Saint beyond camera ready. Just like his parents, he’s a tiny stunner. We haven’t seen a whole lot of Saint on social media, so it’ll be interesting to see the trajectory of what’s sure to be his Insta-fame.

Baby girl North (who remains our tiniest of style goals) has also been featured on mom’s Snapchat.

We just cannot get over celebs putting filters on their babies, and the Kardashians seem to be major fans of adding even more sweetness (as if that were possible!) to their little ones by turning them into wildlife creatures. Khloé Kardashian did the same with little Reign earlier this year, and it. Is. So. Cute.

We’re loving this momma-approved trend. Because, hey, it’s 2016! Why just teach your babies animal sounds when you can also turn them into the animals themselves? Thanks, technology.

Between giving us major baby-name envy (we just love a unique name with a little ~edgy twist~) and making us want little ones of our own to teach to Snapchat, the Kardashians continue to prove that parenting can be so, so much fun if you’re willing to get playful with it. We’re sure they’re doing all the usual parenting things, like reading old-school, actually-on-paper books and coloring, but totally adore the way they incorporate their babies into their obviously super busy lives! If that means we get a few super cute snaps out of the deal, we can’t complain.