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We all have fears. For some of us, it’s spiders. For others, it’s heights. And for a select few, it’s a fear of knees (real thing, google it).

But the fear of Beyoncé exists for pretty much all humans everywhere.

Not like, if we ever sit directly next to her at a kindergarten graduation — so close that our elbows are touching — we’d curl up and die (true story that happened to me, minus the dying part).

But definitely major intimidation. Because she’s Beyoncé, and the rest of us are just mere humans.

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We’re not alone in our intimidation. On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian explained that she absolutely hates dancing (something Beyoncé happens to love).

“Like, it was our biggest fight that I don’t dance at Kanye’s concerts,” she told Kourtney Kardashian and Malika Haqq. “I did not dance on Dancing With the Stars. Like, I did not dance!” If you missed that episode, you can watch it here. You’re welcome.

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Since Kim’s husband Kanye West happened to be on tour with Queen Bey’s husband Jay Z back in 2011, Kim was forced to face her fear of dancing. And her fear of Beyoncé.

Kim explained, “My biggest fear was during Watch the Throne that if I sit next to Beyoncé, she dances and she’s up, like, you know. So, the last night of the tour, she came to dressing room and was like, ‘Hey, do you want to sit together?'”

(Basically what happened to me at the kindergarten graduation. Except way different.)

“Then, she wanted to go in the mosh pit and I was like, ‘What do we do in the mosh pit?’ She’s like, ‘Dance! Just let loose. Just dance!’ Kim added. “And I was like, ‘My life is over!'”

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Letting loose in a mosh pit with Beyoncé? Sounds like the MOST FUN/SCARIEST THING EVER. We feel you, Kim.