Credit: Kim Kardashian/ Instagram

If you’re a big KUWTK fan, then you probably already know that Kim has been thinking about expanding her family with Kanye West for a while now. But according to the most recent episode, Kim Kardashian’s doctors fear a third pregnancy would result in complications during birth, and we really feel for her.

Last week we found out through an episode teaser that Kim has been considering surrogacy, and now we finally understand why. Basically, while Kim might not be able to safely carry a child herself, she has absolutely not ruled out giving North and Saint a little brother or sister through other means.[/header]

On the most recent ep, Kim went to see a doctor with mom Kris and received a warning about the health risks of having another baby:

Making sure to cover all her bases, Kim also consulted a fertility specialist who explained that surrogacy “is not an unreasonable option” and emphasized that it would make sense for growing her family.

Kim’s main concern is that she might not feel as strong a bond with the baby born via a surrogate, so she also talked to a woman named Natalie who has both used a surrogate and given birth. Natalie said,

Okay, we may or may not have just reached for some tissues. And we hope that Kim finds an option that she’s comfortable with (and kudos to her for bringing some an issue that affects so many women).