Christina Pellegrini
December 30, 2017 11:06 am
Kris Jenner /

Leave it to this family to always keep us on our toes. All December long, we watched as Kim Kardashian revealed one photo a day of the family’s annual Kardashian Christmas Card. But she just did the unexpected: Kim Kardashian deleted the 25 Days of Christmas pictures from Instagram entirely. And just when we were coming up with some really good theories about them, too.

While the Kardashian Christmas Card is always a big to-do, this year, the anticipation was especially high. As Kim shared pics, we couldn’t help but wonder: Will the Kardashian Christmas Card confirm the family’s two rumored pregnancies? On December 20th, Khloé Kardashian revealed her baby bump and announced her pregnancy on her own Instagram. But there was — and still is — one pregnancy rumor left unaddressed: Kylie Jenner’s.

Many felt that the last photo of the card might feature a pregnant Kylie. But lo and behold, when December 25th came, she was absent from the card entirely. Fans were shocked, hurt, confused, outraged, and supremely disappointed. Then, on December 28th, Kim deleted all the Christmas card snaps from her Instagram account! What gives?! She explained why on Twitter, and TBH, we’re not surprised. Gotta keep that ~Instagram feed vibe~ going strong.

In place of the 25 Kardashian Christmas Card pics, Kim posted this family photo.

It’s much more ~her vibe.~

So here we are, in this weird, confusing week between Christmas and New Year’s, still wondering whether Kylie Jenner is indeed pregnant or not. Are the rumors true? Will we ever see a baby bump? Or will Jenner surprise us all with a photo of her baby after it’s born?

Only time will tell.