Dasha Fayvinova
Updated Feb 21, 2017 @ 4:52 pm

Millions of pieces of media have noted that Kim Kardashian never has a shortage of news-worthy updates and antics to share with her audience. Just when you might think you’ve kept up with everything, she sneaks another thing on you. Prime example: Kim Kardashian is back to platinum blond, and it’s a sweet throwback to her former BFF Paris Hilton.

Although we have seen the color on the social media beauty before, this time there is a special reason. Kim Kardashian sent a sweet birthday message to Paris Hilton on Snapchat and Twitter while debuting her locks. The two go way back as some of the original Hollywood socialites.

We so admire Kim’s ever-changing hairstyles. The mogul, along with many other celebrities, can thank hairstylist Christopher Appleton for their iconic looks. As a matter of fact, it is his collection of wigs that gets passed around in inner Hollywood circles. While it is not clear whether this is a permanent color job or just another fabulous wig, one thing is for certain: Kim looks amazing.

In order to fully appreciate the cut and coloring, Kim took to Snapchat and tried out many different filters. We must say, she looks fierce in all of them. But all things considered, she will not be showing off the look at Paris Fashion Week this year. The Kardashian beauty will not return to the country where she was robbed at gunpoint.

Of course, this is not the first time Kim Kardashian has given us blond bombshell vibes.

Blond Ambition

As can be seen, Kim can pull this look off with no problem.

Most likely, when Kim Kardashian goes blond it usually has to do with Paris in some way. The city, that is, for the most part. But sometimes, as in the case of her latest Snap, Kim Kardashian is back to platinum blond because of Paris Hilton, the person.