Briana Hansen
Updated Aug 16, 2016 @ 2:58 pm
#BlogHer16 Experts Among Us Conference
Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

At the recent #BlogHer conference, Kim Kardashian West took a pretty interesting stance on being a feminist by saying that it isn’t something she personally identifies with. Her message was pretty surprising since she embodies being a strong, independent woman on so many levels, but her reason for not being a feminist is simple. It turns out she doesn’t like labeling herself, an approach she recognizes isn’t for everybody.

“It’s simply a personal choice that I don’t like the idea of being labeled. I’ll always fight for women’s rights. Always. I support women to the fullest.”

In a more public effort to explain her reasoning, yesterday she posted an open essay to her Kim Kardashian West site about exactly why she avoids this particular label.

“I feel that being grouped or labeled can create separation between people who do (or don’t) fall into certain categories, when they may actually share many of the same beliefs and goals,” She writes. “It’s not about he, she, gay, straight, black, white. The fight for equality is about ALL human beings being treated equally—regardless of gender, sexuality or ethnicity.”

She also says that she knows there are all sorts of elements of her own life and philosophy that are in line with the beliefs associated with being a feminist.

“Obviously, there are things about me that people might say make me a feminist: I work hard, I make my own money, I’m comfortable and confident in my own skin, and I encourage women to be open and honest about their sexuality, and to embrace their beauty and their bodies.”

In the end, it sounds like Kim just simply prefers to be more inclusive with her language, and that’s something we can totally get behind. While she might not label herself as one, she’s still exactly the kind of #GirlBoss we need in life.