Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Nov 26, 2016 @ 9:06 am
Credit: Instagram / @kiersey

We have so much love for celebrities that use their platforms to highlight important issues. While we dig celebrity news, we were definitely hearing what Kiersey had to say when she encouraged her followers to remember not to let their interest in news end with the latest celebrity trending news. She used the moment to talk about what’s happening with the Dakota Access Pipeline, and to remind us to use our own voices to support water protestors at Standing Rock if its a cause we feel passionately about.

Kiersey started out with a joke, but quickly got *so* real with her followers. She wrote,

We’re seriously cheering her on. While there’s absolutely zero shame in engaging in self care by distracting yourself with the most adorable dogs of Instagram, or practically inhaling celeb news (seriously, we dig it, too!) it’s *so* important to remember that there’s more out there. The same ~magical internet~ that gives us access to everything fun in the world also gives us access to knowledge, and both matter so much!

So couple your Instagram obsessions with a bit of news, because no one said you had to pick one!

And if #NoDAPL is something you feel passionately about, stay up-to-date on what’s happening with the Dakota Access Pipeline, how the water protectors are being treated, and how you can help #NoDAPL. Find the issues you care about, and don’t let them pass you by!