Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 29, 2016 @ 6:07 pm
Credit: Instagram / @kiersey

Actress, model, and Insta-famous rockstar Kiersey is the perfectly edgy, and perfectly chill, icon our style-loving souls have been waiting for. From making the oxford the official shoe of fall (trust us, they’re chic AF!) and inspiring us to get a little more ~rad~ with our fashion, she’s #EverythingGoals. And Kiersey just posted a totally incredible Insta that we just *can’t* get over.

Kiersey wrote such a beautiful and necessary reminder to practice self care.

“Be gentle. Understand priorities should change everyday,” she wrote. “Sometimes your family comes first, maybe work, other times your health is in jeopardy.. Everyday will not be the same..roll with the punches..and put your foot down when necessary.”

Ugh, yes, yes, yes. This is *so* important, and all too easy to forget.

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it bought me a plane ticket to see my family. I put work on the back burner, I missed dead lines, I said STOP.”

Sometimes, it’s worth it to just take a sec and breathe.

“This may sound impossible for a single parent working over time but a little goes a long way…a bubble bath can feel like a vacation if you add enough bubbles.”

We’re all about self care, figuring out our priorities, and taking a moment to chill, and Kiersey’s got this *so* right. Here’s to more self care, more pausing, and more relaxation, even when it feels impossible.